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Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Apart from carpets, CLEAN-DRI also cleans rugs and upholstery, giving them a new lease of life.

Due to the variety of different materials used for these items, we will use our expertise to assess the most appropriate cleaning solutions and processes to use to give you the best results, and will quote you up front for this service,

with no hidden costs


Bright modern hallway with rug and wooden floor

To ensure your rugs and upholstery are cleaned to the highest of standards we use the CLEAN-DRI 6-Point Cleaning Program

  1. Pre inspection and identification: We inspect and identify the type of fabric used.

  2. Condition review: We review the condition of the rug/upholstery and decide on the best cleaning processes to use for optimal results.

  3. Pre vacuum: We use a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove any lose soil or grit.

  4. Fabric pre test and treat: A colour test is performed on a small hidden area of fabric, and any spots and stains are identified and pre treated.

  5. Cleaning: Your rug/upholstery is cleaned using the chosen process.

  6. Final inspection: We inspect the rug/upholstery with you ensuring you are completely happy with the results.

The CLEAN-DRI 6-Point Cleaning Program
Modern living room with grey sofa with cushions and green pot plants around the room_


All areas will be thoroughly cleaned including sides and backs of chairs and sofas and all edges of the main removable cushions.


Depending on the condition and type of fabric used on your sofa and armchairs, drying time will vary, usually taking longer to dry than our carpet cleaning process.


We can clean most leather and suede materials - please get in touch to find out more.


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Person shampooing grey sofa with a upholstery cleaning machine
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