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Other Services

CLEAN-DRI offers a range of complementary services to our carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning including deodorising and conditioning treatments, stain removal and stain protection and pest and fumigation treatments


Vase of flowers on a table in living room in front of sofa

These treatments are provided free as standard with all our carpet, rug and upholstery cleans.

We also carry a range of deodorisers suitable for unpleasant, hard to remove odours such as vomit and urine. Please ask for further details.

Deodorising and Conditioning Treatments
Wine wine glass knocked over on cream carpet leaving big red stain

Stain Removal

We carry a range of stain removers suitable for treating most stains including tar, shoe polish, chewing gum, blu-tac, wine, oil, tea and coffee.


We can advise you what the possibility of successful stain removal is before we start, with no false promises.


Corner of white shaggy rug on wooden floor

For extra protection from stains we offer a stain guard treatment by Dupont Teflon which acts as a barrier to spills and marks and prevents them soaking into the fabric, making them easy to wipe up and remove.


This can be added to carpet or upholstery after the cleaning process and will make the drying time a little longer but it is a great solution, offering maximum protection against further stains.

Stain Guard Treatments
Showing wine being poured on carpet that has not been treated with stain guard
Showing wine being poured on carpet that has been treated with stain guard showing wine sitting on surface
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Living room with cream carpet and curtains after being professionally cleaned

Pest Treatments and Fumigation

We can help with carpet fumigation for the treatment of beetles, fleas and other such pests. Please contact us to discuss the problem and we can advise you on the best course of action and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. 

Untreated...carpet soaks up liquid creating a stain

Carpet treated with stain guard ...

liquid floats on top, for easy removal


Flea on skin
Bed bug on fabric
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