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Carpet Cleaning

CLEAN-DRI is proud to be the only company in Herefordshire to offer its unique, low moisture system. With many years experience of using this system, we believe we are able to exploit its full potential, giving you the results you want ... clean and fresh carpets which are dry in just 30 minutes

So how does the system work?


The CLEAN-DRI system is a four stage process ...

Clean-Dri carpet cleaning stage 1

The area to be cleaned is vacuumed and prepared by lightly spraying it with our cleaning solution.

Stage 1
Clean-Dri carpet cleaning stage 2

Stage 2

The carpet is then prepared for cleaning by using a machine that agitates the cleaning solution into the carpet pile, ensuring deep cleaning and helping to remove pet hairs and dirt.


This machine also helps to lift the carpet pile, rejuvenating and conditioning the carpet in preparation for cleaning.


Clean-Dri carpet cleaning stage 3

The carpet is vacuumed again to ensure all dirt and/or pet hairs brought to the surface are removed and then the area is resprayed with cleaning solution, breaking down any dirt left in the carpet.


Our cleaning pad machine is then used over the entire area, absorbing and removing any dirt.

Stage 3
Clean-Dri carpet cleaning stage 4

Stage 4

One final vacuum and your carpet is now clean, sanitised and deodorised with a fresh fragrance and no nasty chemical smells.

Our system uses only a small amount of cleaning solution which has the following benefits:-


  • the carpet is left almost touch dry, meaning there is no chance of mould spores taking hold.

  • there are no sticky residues from too much cleaning solution being applied to the carpet, meaning it won't attract dirt and will stay cleaner longer.

  • it is guaranteed not to stretch or shrink carpets or split carpet seams.

Stairs carpets are cleaned using the same 4 stage process but with smaller machines.

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